Martin Capito Sr.

Happy New Year to all our members and associates. We were delivered an early Christmas Gift this year with the election of Donald Trump. Thank God the country avoided the fiasco that another Clinton administration would have done to us. Is Mr. Trump perfect? No, not at all, except when you compare him to the alternative. Give him the benefit of the doubt until he shows he's not worthy of our support. Ignore the hate and vitriol coming from the Left, it's just a continuation of the hate and lies they've been spreading from the beginning. Confront them with their lies, most just follow their leaders blindly with no thought of common sense or rational reasoning. It's going to be an interesting four years, let Mr. Trump show us if he's worthy of a second term.

I was admonished about the wording I used in an earlier article in Gunsmoke and on our website It appears a member felt I should been a lot harsher towards the enemies of the Second Amendment and less concerned about protecting our 501c status. Truth be told, the position I hold requires me to do whatever I need to do to protect the organization as a whole. This means following laws governing our existence. The article as written was within the guidelines Trustees and Officers must follow. People know our stand, jeopardizing the organization only hurts us in the long run. Our programs and junior teams need our support to survive and thrive. Are we perfect? Of course not. That is why I write so often about needing fresh blood in the Association's Board of Trustees. New faces bring new ideas and we have plenty of room to take on new Trustees. I do appreciate member's comments and encourage people to contact me at President ORPA or I can be reached by phone at 513-426-7944 and following  the menu. If I can't answer the phone immediately, leave me a message and I will return your call. Be sure to leave the message, I don't chase down calls that don't leave messages.

Until next time, use the winter months to hone your dry firing skills and you won't be as rusty when you hit the range when the weather breaks.

Stay safe and may all your shots be in the black.

G. Martin Capito Sr., President ORPA