Martin Capito Sr.

President’s Column

            By G. Martin Capito, Sr.

            25 June 2017

The National Rifle and Pistol Matches are just about ready to roll (as I write this) and I’m hoping everyone attending does as well as they hope to. The NRA has moved the High Power Matches to Indiana but will return them to Camp Perry next year. In the meantime the Civilian Marksmanship Program has taken over the running of the National Pistol Championship Matches at Camp Perry for the time being. All the confusion is being worked out as to the why’s and whatnots, but I don’t expect there will be any drop in quality due to the change. The CMP is another top tier organization and they run some fine programs. There is no reason to expect any less. The Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association fully supports them and stands ready to help in any way necessary.

The next Trustees meeting will be held on September 10th, check elsewhere in this issue for the location. You’re invited to attend and see firsthand how the Association is run. We’re always looking for good people to help run the Association and welcome new ideas and people to do so.

There are still some Trustee openings to fill, the big glaring one is still the High Power Director spot. We are working out some problems and issues we’ve discovered since the position became vacant but hope to have them resolved in due time. I will report on the developments as they get resolved.

Our annual raffle will need a new person to oversee it, Last year our current director Alan Joseph had asked to step down but had graciously agreed to continue for 2017 since we didn’t have anyone in place to take over. Whoever steps up to take over for 2018 should have a good set of prizes to offer. I talked to several companies at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta and got some good leads from manufacturers to donate everything from guns to accessories. Details will be worked out and the next director will be in good shape to take over.

Until next time, enjoy the summer shooting season and may all your shots be X’s.

Stay safe,

G. Martin Capito Sr.