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2016 Service Rifle Rule change

Dear Match Sponsor,
As many of you may have noticed, there was a typo in the previous version of rules sent that would have impacted the configurations of service rifles, more specifically with barrel length. Service Rifles with 20” barrels are able to have a flash suppressor attached. The correct verbiage is as follows:

 “3.1 (c) Service Rifle - U.S. Service Rifle 5.56mm M16 series

  • Must be chambered for the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO (.223) cartridge.
  • The gas operating system must be fully operable and adhere to the original M16 rifle design (i.e. Stoner design, gas impingement system) or have a piston-operated gas system.
  • The receiver must be separately machined from the handguard; the two parts must be separable.
  • The barrel may be no longer than 20 inches; flash suppressors are not required, but if the barrel has a flash suppressor, it shall not be included in the barrel length measurement.
  • Upper receivers and barrels may not be changed during the firing of any event.
  • Metal or synthetic (polymer) magazines, standard issue or commercial equivalent, with standard service 20 or 30-round box magazine dimensions must be attached during the firing of all courses and in all positions. A 10-round magazine with the same external dimensions as a standard service 20-round box magazine may be used. A dummy magazine with a ramp for single shot loading may be used if this magazine has the same external dimensions as the standard service 20-round box magazine.  Magazines may not contain added weights.
  • The rifle may have an optical sight (reflective sights are considered optical sights) with a maximum power of 4.5X installed on the receiver.  Variable scopes with a maximum of 4.5X are permitted.  Only commercially manufactured scopes that were produced with a maximum magnification of 4.5X and that have a maximum objective lens of 34 mm may be used.  If an optical sight is used, the same optical sight must be used in all stages of a course of fire (changing sights is not permitted).  The centerline of an optical sight shall be no higher than 3.5 inches above the centerline of the bore. 
  • Alternatively, the rifle may be equipped with issue-type metallic front and rear sights.  Metallic sights, if used, must have an M16 type sight design with the rear sight in the carry handle and the front sight in the standard M16 location. 
  • Butt-stocks may vary in length and be either fixed or collapsible.  Collapsible or adjustable length stocks may be adjusted during an event, but butt stocks that allow for other adjustments such as the cheek-piece height or butt-plate location may not be used. 
  • Only standard A1 or A2 type pistol grips may be used.
  • Quad rails or similar hand guards may be used.        
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