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Cowboy [Wild Bunch]

ORPA and ORPA-affiliated clubs offer a few different programs for both novices and experienced hunters.


Cowboy Action Shooting is governed by The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), and details can be found at: SASS-affiliated clubs hold most events, and a listing of those clubs is also on that website. A typical club match would be held one day over a weekend. It would consist of a safety meeting for all shooters (EG::0945) and a six-seven stage competition (EG starting:1000). Competitors form up in a possee; usually, around 15-20 people and a stage would generally be shooting ten pistols (5 in each pistol), ten dilfe and 2-8 shotgun. At then end of the vent, an awards ceremony is held to announce the winners of the various categories of shooters.


Two single action pistols (either original or reproduction), a rifle in a pistol caliber and a shotgun either double barrel, pump or lever action of the period prior to 1900.

Ammunition is lead only, no copper jacketed or copper wash.

Costuming is a big part of our events and each participant is required to adopt an alias appropriate to a character of the 19th century.

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