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  1. California: CRPA and NRA Victory! Federal Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Del Mar’s Attempt to Ban Gun Shows
    On Monday, June 17, the California Rifle and Pistol Association attorneys with the support of NRA and others, secured a major victory in the fight against Del Mar’s attempt from banning gun shows.
  2. IL Sen. Taunts Gun Owner: Forget the Fine, Maybe We’ll Just Take Your Firearms
    Illinois State Sen. Julie Morrison (D) taunted a concerned gun owner during a town hall by telling him she might forgo fining him and simply confiscate his firearms. The exchange was caught on video by the Illinois State Rifle Association and was tied to proposed fines for keeping commonly owned semiautomatic firearms in one’s home.
  3. California Gun Owners Feel The Repercussions Of Illegal Aliens Obtaining IDs
    The California Department of Justice on Monday filed an "emergency regulations" proposal. If adopted, Californians would be required to have REAL IDs to purchase firearms and ammunition beginning on July 1.
  4. New Jersey: Assembly and Senate to Vote on Smart Guns on Thursday
    Last week, anti-gun lawmakers in Trenton passed several bills out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.
  5. NRA celebrates 'highly successful' year in Texas as new gun bills signed into law
    It will soon be easier to carry guns in Texas churches, schools, apartment buildings and disaster zones. Sunday was the deadline for Gov. Greg Abbott to approve or veto bills passed during the 2019 meeting of the Texas Legislature, which wrapped up late last month. An effort to do away with the state's gun licensing rules failed to reach his desk, but Abbott signed several bills that will further loosen Texas' permissive gun laws. Pro-gun groups like the National Rifle Association said the session was very successful.
  6. Abingdon crowd rejects governor's call for action on gun control following Virginia Beach mass shooting
    A roundtable in Southwest Virginia about gun policy on Tuesday started with an audience member’s recitation of the Second Amendment. From there, residents passionate about gun rights peppered Brian Moran, Virginia’s secretary of public safety, with concerns about an upcoming special session in which the General Assembly will take up gun control proposals.
  7. Gun ban in municipal buildings rejected in wake of mass shooting in Virginia Beach
    In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in city history, many people said they'd feel safer if they could bring guns into government buildings. They made that clear to the City Council on Tuesday night as members considered a resolution to support a ban on bringing them into such places.
  8. Gun proposals find strong opposition in Southwest Virginia
    About 100 people jammed into a classroom at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon with nearly all voicing displeasure over laws proposed by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. At the center of the room, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran listened to comments and fielded dozens of questions and concerns about the recently proposed regulations during the 90-minute session — one of six such events statewide.
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