Happy New Year 2018!  

The ORPA Junior Pistol program members are excited for a great start to the new year. The Juniors closed out 2017 at the Ohio Junior Olympic Regional Qualifier on December 2, 2017 at the University of Akron. Seven members competed in both air and sport pistol. Tyler Knouff shot a 469/600, winning the sport pistol event. He was followed by Grace Praisler with a score of 466. Mara Sidloski shot a 420, Reagan Phillips scored a 401, Amanda Ackerman shot a 335, and Hailey Donohue finished with a 285 for her first match. In Air Pistol, women shot 40 shots and men shot 60. Reagan scored highest among the ladies with a 338/400, followed by Grace with a 329. Amanda shot a 284, Mara scored a 257, and Hailey finished with a 220. Tyler shot a 435/600 for the men, followed by Ben Merendino with a 430.   Reagan automatically qualified for the Junior Olympics this spring at Colorado Springs, CO with her air pistol win and score. The other Juniors will wait for their results in the coming weeks to see if they qualified to compete as well. The Junior Olympics is an incredible opportunity.   Each spring, the match is held at the Olympic Training Center, offering qualifiers from across the nation the option to stay at the training center during the match. It is definitely an amazing week of shooting, exploring, and friendship for the qualifiers. During the weekend of January 13 and 14, 2018, the ORPA Juniors will travel north to Camp Perry to compete in the Camp Perry Open air match. The competition includes two sixty-shot air matches (one fired each day) as well as finals and super-finals.   Stay tuned to Gunsmoke and the ORPA Website for future results from this match, and others yet to come!