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Men Hunting with Dogs


Hunting Programs and Information are provided by ORPA and ORPA Affiliated Clubs

“In the silence of the woods, I find peace.”



Discover Ohio's Hunting Heritage with ORPA

Rooted in a deep love for the outdoors, we're on a mission to connect communities and generations through responsible firearm ownership.  ORPA is committed to preserving Ohio's hunting legacy through the three R's: Retain, Recruit, and Reactivate. We support member clubs in their hunting activities and work to sustain the tradition through engaging activities and education.

How We Support You: Planning a hunting-related event? Let us know, and we'll help spread the word and provide potential volunteers. ORPA is dedicated to creating a strong network within the hunting community.


Ohio Hunter Education: Explore courses at for comprehensive Ohio Hunter Education. Equip yourself with the knowledge for responsible and ethical hunting.

Join ORPA to celebrating Ohio's hunting heritage and ensuring these traditions endure for generations.

Hunters And Dog

General Equipment

  • Ohio Hunting License

  • Federal Duck stamp for ducks/geese

  • Ohio Wet Land stamp for ducks/geese

  • Hunter Education Card

  • Knowledge of the game you are hunting.  Habits and areas to find the animal.

  • Create a plan for when you are leaving, check-in times, where everyone will be hunting, and when expected back.

  • Hunting implement (bow, crossbow, shotgun, pistol, rifle, muzzleloader)

  • Ammo or arrows for your hunting implement

  • Clothes appropriate for the weather and activity

  • Personal First aid kit

  • Communication device (radio or cell phone if you have coverage)

  • Note: different types of hunting may require additional equipment and planning. i.e. duck hunting on the water or deer hunting in the snow.

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