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Highpower Rifle

The pinnacle of rifle competition, High Power embodies the traditional marksmanship disciplines that have existed at the state, national, and international level since the late 1800s. The heart of High Power competition is Across-the-Course with a Service Rifle, where shooters compete from different positions at various yard lines to earn prestigious awards such as the Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge and President’s 100 Tab, both recognized by Congress and the U.S. Military. Other disciplines such as Mid Range and Long Range allow shooters to compete in prone-only matches, where the shooter’s ability at extreme accuracy and wind-reading is tested further. With Ohio being the host of the annual National Matches every summer at Camp Perry, ORPA High Power aims to facilitate Ohio shooters with fun yet challenging matches that prepare them for the Nationals, and to field the best team of shooters Ohio has to offer for the National Trophy Team Match.

Equipment Needed


Image by Christian Weiss


Across the Course

Three positions, four stages. Slow fire standing (offhand): 10 shots in 10 minutes at 200 yards. Rapid-fire sitting: 10 shots in 60 seconds at 200 yards. Rapid-fire prone: 10 shots in 70 seconds at 300 yards. Slow-fire prone: 20 shots in 20 minutes at 600 yards.


Mid Range

Mid Range matches are shot from the prone position at 300, 500, and 600 yards, or as a 3×600. 3 strings of fire of 20 shots each with sighters.


Long Range

Long Range matches are shot from the prone position at 800-1000 yards. Courses of fire include 3×1000, 2×1000, and 15 shots at 800, 900, and 1000 yards.


F-Class - T/R

F-T/R (target rifle) class: only rifles chambered for unmodified .223 Rem. or .308 Win. cases are permitted. Also permitted are a bipod and rear sandbag for support within a maximum total gun weight of 18.18 pounds.


F-Class - Open

F-Open rifles can be chambered for any cartridge up to .35 caliber, weigh no more than 22 pounds, have a maximum fore-end width of 3 inches, and can be shot using a front tripod rest and separate rear sandbag.

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