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Small Bore

There are more High Power matches held across the country than benchrest matches by a huge margin. High Power Competition encompasses primarily Service Rifle and Match Rifle, with the lesser subdiscipline of Sporting Rifle. If you think F-Class* or Benchrest shooting is tough, High Power presents another level of challenge altogether. Apart from a sling, there are no mechanical crutches in High Power–your arms and body must support the full weight of the rifle as you engage the target from a variety of positions. The vast majority of High Power matches are iron sights only**. These factors place a premium on good eyesight, training, and overall fitness.

Across The Course

Three-position, Four stages: slow fire standing or offhand, sitting rapid-fire, prone rapid-fire, and prone slow fire, in the following format: 200 yard Offhand, 200 yard Rapid Sitting, 300 yard Rapid Prone and 600 yard Slow Prone. 


Mid Range matches are shot from 300-600 yards. The shooter will have a prep period, two slow fire sighters (unlimited at 300 yards), and 20 rounds for record in a 2 shooter block time of 50 minutes. 

Long Range

Long Range matches are shot at 800-1000 yards.  There will be a 2 shooter block time of 50 minutes for prep, fighters, and record shots. Long Range formats include: 3×1000, 2×1000, and 15 shots 800, 900, and 1000 yards.




You will need to provide your own rifle and sling to compete in any ORPA based matches


Spotting Scope

A good spotting scope is important to effectively see your target down range, so we highly recommend having one of these for your matches


Shooting Coat/Gloves

A shooting coat and shooting gloves are required to shoot any ORPA based matches


Sight Blackener

Sight Blackener helps reduce any glare that might come off your scope on sunny days.



A scorebook is required to shoot any ORPA based shoots. A good weatherproof scorebook is recommended.

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