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Long Range Rifles

The most popular form of organized rifle-only competitive shooting in the United States is NRA High Power Competition.

Hunter Aiming Rifle


Long-range is a sub-discipline of highpower rifle shooting which is shot at 800-1,000 yards. The matches are shot in prone only. Ohio hosts matches for Long-range shooters on Camp Perry’s 1000-yard Viale Range. Each year ORPA enters several Long-range teams into the National Matches in August. At the 2012 Long-Range Championship, eight of the top ten spots for the master class were held by military shooters, but the two which belonged to civilians were won by ORPA members Ed Agle and Ed Shank. ORPA’s adult long-range team won first place in the state association category.


In order to become a new Long Range Shooter, one begins in regular Highpower shooting. When range time is available, high-power shooters try shooting at longer distances. Because Camp Perry is in Ohio, ORPA shooters have access to the range several times per year and are better prepared for Camp Perry.


For more information on learning to shoot long-range high-power or on joining an ORPA Long-range team contact Ed Shank by email at

Equipment Needed




You will need to provide your own rifle to compete in any ORPA based matches


Spotting Scope

A good spotting scope is important to effectively see your target down range, so we highly recommend having one of these for your matches


Shooting Coat/Gloves

A shooting coat and shooting gloves are required to shoot any ORPA based matches


Sight Blackener

Sight Blackener helps reduce any glare that might come off your scope on sunny days.



A scorebook is required to shoot any ORPA based shoots. A good weatherproof scorebook is recommended.

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